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South Sudan

Our story with South Sudan actually begins in a Church located in the middle of a garbage dump in Egypt in 2006. With trash piled all over, dark, gloomy alley-ways and smells that were unfathomable, we heard the sounds of African children singing praises to Jesus!  They could be heard from the street, and after walking towards the sound, we found a hidden South Sudanese Church. This church was full of refugees that fled the genocide plaguing their home country of South Sudan. The black Christians were under severe persecution from the Arab Muslims, which caused these sweet people to leave the place they called home. It was there, in that church, that our bond was created.


From there, we continued to travel back to Egypt to minister and bring clothes, food, and supplies to several refugee churches located around Cairo. Since 2006, we have traveled back to those same churches in 2008, 2009, and 2010. In 2011, The Creggar family took a leap of faith, and traveled to the youngest country in the world, South Sudan. There in a small village that borders North and South Sudan, Ayeit Village, they connected with the Tong family. One of the family members is a man we had met while serving a Sudanese Church in Egypt. He was our translator to the people there and since then, has become one of our closest friends, and partners in ministry.


Over the years we have raised funds through our Ministry at HSWA/Alive that has helped feed, clothe, and support the health and well-being of the people in Ayeit. With the funds raised, we have helped build a school, we have a church building that has started construction, sports teams established and competing, and agricultural efforts that allows the village to be self-sustained! We are continuing to raise support to provide training for pastors and teachers, to purchase Bibles, chairs, and other things necessary to run the School and the Church.


Below is a timeline of events explaining the formation of South Sudan and a link for some more information about the World's newest country.


If you would like more information on our journey with South Sudan, check out Missy's Blog by clicking here.

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